Pacenotes rally navigator deserve a separate section to be reading the most representative part of the duties assigned to the co-driver.

The pacenotes are the main part of the rally. They are what separates it from any other motor sport. They are the reason why they must always be two people inside the race car. If no pacenotes were needed for what was to ballast the driver car with 70kg which can weigh half a co-driver when you can be making a fortune by reducing the weight of the car in a few kilos? But of course, in the end a rally consists of several special stages lengths sometimes even exceed 40km. And that no one is able to memorize by many past they have given. If you want to be the fastest and win you have to go corner to corner. Reaching the limit in every meter. And that the best way is to describe a person you just go right ahead with everything you’ll find on your way to deal with it as quickly as possible. This is what motivated you to begin using annotations. The aim is to invest the shortest among all participants after the sum of all the special stages. Only in this way and if you are free to other penalties you can adjudicaros the final victory rally.

Throughout the following pages explain what kinds of pacenotes there depending on the type of information you enter.

Furthermore analyze the peculiar form of “singing” the pacenotes. This is the best known part of the things that makes the co-driver for having become very popular with inner tube videos.

Offer advice on writing pacenotes in the book’s seat. This is a very important section of the importance of accurately transcribing directed the driver.

Related to the previous paragraph, the symbols used for short pacenotes reaches the same level as the previous imporancia article.

Also show examples of symbols that are commonly used routinely for some common expressions and also at your disposal pacenotes will reais sections where they can see first hand how to implement the above detailed advice.


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