In this section we will describe the process of documentation, which is basically the beginning of the rally and how important the role of the co-driver is here.

First we must understand what a rally is and the definitions of the words used in a rally. The abbreviations and phrases including their definitions can be found on the Rally-dictionary that we have created.

Certainly the road book is one of the most important document you will receive at the documentation which is why a whole dedicated article has been written about it. Other documents received at the documentation are the competition numbers, sponsors stickers that are mandatory to be placed on the car, auxiliary road books, team passes, recce time cards, bulletins and clarifications or alterations to the route or to the rally itself and to produce your original competitors license to the organizers.

Moreover, any missing documents or signatures or additional information needed than the ones written when the entry form was handed to the organization can be taken care of here.

We will give more in depth clarification of each of the aforementioned documents through the articles in the following sections.


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