RALLY from the BEGINNING till the END


Rally from beginning till end is the section in which we will detail all the things you should do the co-driver (or navigator) at all times in a rally. Reference to describe the different parts of a rally will take one of the most prestigious events of the Championship of Spain Tarmac Rally. The Rally Islas Canarias “El Corte Ingl├ęs” 2013 (It also is also part of the European Rally Championship). Given this race, other evidence as may be the Championship of Spain Gravel or evidence of regional follow a similar pattern changing or ignoring some acts which it will be reflected in their respective regulations.

Rally de principio a finAfter submitting the registration within an appropriate period set by the regulations and have made the transfer of the amount of it, we list the sequence of events strung on a rally from start to finish.

The first of the events that make up a rally is the recognition of special stages.

Then checks (both administrative and technical) will complete the paperwork necessary to be included in the official list of registered eligible to participate in the rally.

Should you be interested in trying the race car before the rally must register on the Shakedown, where you can tune the car on a stretch of similar features to those you’ll find in the rally.

To announce the rally and all the public to know the participants unaceremonia output, which in some cases is replaced by a show section is organized.

However in most cases start the rally begins with a podium climbing cars for display to the public at the same time takes place the first time control the start of the first section.

Typically, the first time control we meet on our journey after taking the output is the input to the Service Park. In this section the passenger work we indicate at this stage of the rally.

And after the service park next stop is the area refueling and tire marking. From that point we will go to the special stages.

Will shortly be adding information on other events that the race itself consists itself.


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