Once the documentation and recce is complete the last step before the (usually) ceremonial start and the rally itself, is the shakedown. This is an optional part for the teams to give a final test of the cars and equipment and fine-tune what needs to be altered before the rally and for the organization to get a glimpse of the rally atmosphere in which they are about to embark upon.

All teams opting to participate in the shakedown run must pass an administrative check which will be explained in another article.

The section is usually a stretch of road resembling the surface and conditions on which the rally will be run but in a shorter distance, usually 2.5 – 4km.

Under this part all the security measures, timing and rally procedures are carried out exactly as during the rally. The crew must carry with them all their harness, gear and notes.

The times recorded in this section do not count towards the overall time of the rally but are seen by many as a comparison or indication towards the final results.


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